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What you can expect


Let's set the tone...

Do you want your company to be warm and fuzzy or all business? Your brand dictates everything from the design aesthetic of your site to the words used to describe your services. It's all about a consistent voice.

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Now that you have a voice, what are you going to say? Content is the meaning behind the image. It's a roadmap to a solution. It's who you are and what you have to offer. 

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Sharing your brand and content with others has never been easier. Social Media allows you to reach your audience in creative ways. But there's still a trick to trending. It starts with brand, is enhanced with content, and depends on the social platform where you're posting. 


What we expect

You appreciate the written word. You understand its importance in getting your message across, and you’re not going to let just anyone throw words on a page and call it done.


You understand the creative process is a collaboration. The more you give, the more you get. This includes:



Do you need a 600-word article on pet food, a 300-word blog on Bahama vacations, a quick/snappy social post? From a single headline that sings to a total website refresh that matches your rebrand, send over the details for a quote. The clearer the direction, the more satisfied everyone will be.



This one’s easy. When do you need the project done? Shorter quotes may be able to be turned around in a day or two. Longer blogs or landing pages that require research will take longer.



How much are we talking? Your quote will include rates for the specific type of project. Contact us when you know what you need, Once we have the project scope, a more complete quote will be drawn up if necessary.

What We'll Create Together

As a powerhouse team, we'll elevate your brand with the right words, connect with your customer, and make your social shine.

Get a Quote

Once you have the details in order, send them over and let's discuss!

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